KEEP IT CLEAN!   A guide to hard drive maintenance

 “My computer’s not running like it used to!”  How often does tech support hear that complaint? This session will demonstrate simple maintenance procedures, using readily available freeware, for keeping hard drive and registry clutter to a minimum, eliminating spyware and streamlining the start-up sequence on Windows® based PC 


TECH FOR TEACHERS  Tips, Tricks & Tweaks

 Have you ever looked at some of the cool things you see other people doing on their computers and wondered, "How do you do that?"  This session will introduce you to some Windows tweaks & tips, and some software gems (all freeware) and websites that will enhance your skills and comfort level with your PC.

Users will leave this session with some basic skills and knowledge that will make their computer use more productive and enjoyable.


 YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR?  A teacher’s guide to open source and freeware

 The purpose of this session is to familiarize users with Open source and freeware alternatives to commonly used commercial software.

Attendees will learn how to find, download, install and evaluate software from the web.

In today’s economy, schools are being very budget conscious in all areas of the curriculum.  By using readily available freeware and open source software, schools can realize budget savings without losing the use of essential instructional tools.  In this session, learn how to find, install, and evaluate these alternatives to commercially available software.


So I Have Firefox…Now What?  A beginner’s guide to Firefox Add-ons.


Firefox, the web browser from Mozilla, is growing in popularity as an alternative to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.  One of the attractions of Firefox is the ever-expanding library of add-ons/extensions.  These allow us to customize the appearance, or skin, of the browser, and to enable additional functions that add to the usefulness of the browser.  The sheer number of add-ons and extensions available can be overwhelming.  This session will focus on some of the more basic and useful ones and demonstrate  how to find and install them with ease.


Websites I Found So You Don’t Need To


With over 600,000,000 registered domains, how does one manage to find the websites that will be useful or of interest to them?  It can be a rather daunting task to venture online, exploring link after link to find those sites.  The purpose of this session is twofold.  First, it will highlight some of the useful, and perhaps not so useful, sites that are out there that you may not have found yet.  Then it will take a look at a few ways you can find these sites that others have found, without having to search through the 600,000,000+ out there.


Social Media for Newbies

Curious about social media on the web but hesitant to jump in? Never been tempted to "tweet"? Never hit a "Like" button?  Not in a "Circle"?  This session is strictly for beginners, those who are ready to take the plunge into the online world of sharing but hesitate because they're just not sure where to begin.  Among the sites to be explored  are Twitter, Facebook, Plurk, Google+, and Diigo.  We will take a look at signing up, maintaining your privacy and understanding some basic guidelines for netiquette on the social web.

Breakout Sessions: 45-50 minutes

KEEP IT CLEAN!   A guide to hard drive maintenance

 A common complaint of many teachers is that their computer no longer runs as quickly or smoothly as it did right out of the box. They may be unaware of just how much is being added to the system and system files every time they use the computer. After attending this workshop, participants will have a better understanding of how to manage the start-up sequence, junk files, orphaned shortcuts and the Windows registry. The session also addresses the issue of adware/spyware, what it is and how to control it.

This session uses readily available freeware for simple maintenance procedures to reduce hard drive and registry clutter, eliminate spyware, and streamline the start-up sequence on Windows® based PCs.

The presenter provides the software, all freeware, needed for the workshop.


 Half Day/Full Day Workshop: 2 1/2-3 hr

                                                                                     4 1/2-5 hr

Working with Windows 101

 Many teachers need to improve their comfort level in working with a Windows based PC.  This workshop addresses this issue by combining the content of  the  "Keep It Clean!" & "Tech4Teachers" sessions into a full day, hands-on experience.

 One goal of the workshop is to help the attendee become more familiar and comfortable with taking care of some of the routine maintenance on their PC's hard drive.

 The workshop is designed to help teachers become more knowledgeable about and more comfortable with the computer technology they’re already using. Attendees will learn how to safely tweak the Windows registry, using readily available freeware.  They will also learn how to download and install software from the internet and how to find and install some of the popular add-ons and extensions for Firefox and Thunderbird.

 The workshop deals specifically with a PC running Windows 7,  Vista, Xp or even Windows 95/98.

The presenter provides the software, all freeware, needed for the workshop.