Process Tools

Junk Cleaners

Registry Tools

Disk Defraggers

Multi-purpose Tools

These tools are used to monitor and manage the processes that load when you start your system. Modifications can then be made to free up system resources and help the computer to run more efficiently.

All† resources linked to on this page are represented as freeware, free for non-commercial use, or open source.  Please make sure you are aware of the licensing requirements of each .

There may be gaps in some of the groups as links were removed. This usually is because the program is no longer available, or has been converted to a pay version.

Unnecessary and/or duplicate files can take up valuable hard drive space.† This utilities help to keep that problem under control.

Windows Utilities & Tweakers

Over time, errors can accumulate in the Windows registry.† Regular cleaning can help keep your system running smoothly.

Malware Tools

Adware & spyware can impede system efficiency as well as creating privacy issues.† Scan and remove on a regular basis.

Contiguous files load and run more efficiently

Programs for those who like one-stop fixing.